Starting to read at an early age is a key to success. With these tips, parents can encourage their kids to read and change their reluctance into enthusiasm.

1. Develop children’s oral skills

Reading out to kids or encouraging them to read stories or practicing an exercise combing the two can help kid’s interest intrigued to books. Starting a book matching their current language skill level and slowly climbing will help the child develop its oral skills.

2.  Keeping a fixed reading time helps.

Keeping a fixed reading time either after the afternoon nap or just before bedtime, gives the child something to look forward to. It could also help strengthen the parent child bond along with creating an interest for reading.

3. Encourage Reading for pleasure by giving choice in reading.

A child must not take reading as a task he must perform. Reading should be for pleasure giving the child the freedom to read what interests him/ her. Trips to book shops, book stands where kids can choose what they want to read will surely bring them closer to books.

4. Appreciate and celebrate their achievements.

If it is one complete sentence or a small story read on its own, it is an achievement for the child. Make sure you acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate your kid’s success. Compliment your child or treat them with their favorites. Let your child know you are proud and happy of their achievement.

These tips will surely make reading your kid’s favorite activity!

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