Lines, Patterns, Writing

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Bright Kids forms a cohesive course for pre-primary children focussing on inherent skill development. It employs an engaging method to develop conceptual clarity and ensure effective learning. Interesting activities in the books develop visual discrimination skills, fine motor skills, and visual and auditory memory.

This is an activity-based pre-school series designed to lay the foundation for life-long learning and overall development. It comprises eight books – English 0A & 0B, Maths 0A & 0B, EVS 0A & 0B, Hindi Praveshika and Lines, Patterns, Writing. It develops basic language and numeracy skills and creates awareness about children themselves and their surroundings. 

Key features:

  • Consists of reading and writing activities keeping in mind the learning ability of children
  • Tracing activities develop finger control and hand-eye coordination
  • ‘Concepts & Skills’, given as footnotes, helps educators enhance the learning experience of children
  • Practice, revision and reinforcement activities enhance mastery over concepts
  • Develops cognitive ability, multiple intelligences and essential skills
  • Fosters development of communication skills
  • The interactive approach of the series and the focus on learning-by-doing creates a rich learning experience for children.
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