Line, Curves and Strokes Workbook

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Lines, Curves and Strokes Workbook

Pre-nursery Level 0

Sunbeam is a series of self-guided workbooks designed for sequential building up of fundamental skills. Extensive practice exercises in the workbooks make the curriculum more accessible and less intimidating to children. The structured exercises help ease the learning process by simplifying the concepts and making use of colourful and appealing illustrations. Besides building foundational literacy and numeracy skills, the workbooks support holistic learning by developing critical thinking, logical reasoning, cognitive skills, communication skills and fine motor coordination.

Key features of ‘Sunbeam Maths Workbook for Pre-nursery’:
  • Carefully graded pre-writing lines, strokes, curves and patterns essential for learning to write letters of the English alphabet
  • Left-to-right and top-to-bottom orientation as key to beginning reading and writing
  • Promotes an ideal grasp on pencils, crayons, etc.
  • Development of hand-eye coordination, visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills
  • Enhancement of finger dexterity
  • Progressive approach to mastering essential pre-writing skills

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