Cursive Writing Made Easy Book 1

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‘Cursive Writing Made Easy’ series, comprising books 1-5, is designed not just to enhance the handwriting skills of children,
 but to instill in them a flow that channels itself through the hand and brain, both. It starts with drawing lines and strokes
 and writing letters, moves to writing words, and then progresses to writing complete sentences.

Key features:

  • The exercises are designed to strengthen, enhance and refine students’ cursive writing skills.
  • Graded content in the books ensure a gradual progression in the learners’ writing skills.
  • Regular cursive writing practice, following the exercises in the books, results in increased efficiency in retaining information.
  • The exercises are designed to develop cognitive and fine motor skills in children.
  • Beautiful design and layout of the books retain students’ attention and give them enough space for practice.
Book Details
Pages 56
Extent 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
Binding Paperback

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