Wonder Science Book 6

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Wonder Science series is based on NCF 2005 and conforms to the guidelines and syllabus prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. The content and the activities in the books are based on the experiential learning approach, where students are given opportunities to perform different tasks and construct their own understanding. The teachers can encourage students to question their knowledge and check it by performing different activities or experiments. 

The pedagogy of the books is based on the student-centric approach. The books focus on developing scientific attitude in students where they construct concepts on their own and acquire different scientific skills such as observation, building hypothesis, performing activities, recording data and inferring. The content is accompanied with realistic pictures and illustrations to enhance students’ learning.

Key features:

  • Learning Objectives: The broader objectives that describe what students will learn in a chapter
  • Warm-up Activity: Activity to recapitulate previous concepts and build interest 
  • Activities and Experiments: Hands-on activities and experiments for students to perform and apply their conceptual understanding
  • Knowledge Check: In-text exercises to test student’s understanding of concepts
  • Go Green: Tasks or activities to create awareness towards healthy environment and surroundings
  • Do You Know? Provides interesting facts connected to the concepts
  • Keywords: Presents important words and their definitions
  • Summary: Summarises key points of the chapter
  • Exercises (formative and summative): A variety of tasks for students to apply their knowledge and understanding
  • HOTS: Higher order thinking skills questions for students to go deeper into the concepts and develop reasoning skills
  • Life Skills: Projects or activities to enhance life skills and social responsibility
  • Project: Activities or tasks to explore more and dig deeper into the concepts learnt
  • Teacher’s Notes: Notes for teachers to facilitate learning in the class
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