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"ICSE Toposheets and Maps for Classes 9 & 10" is written in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination for classes of 9th and 10th. This book aims to promote the culture and practice of map reading not just for the sake of securing good marks and completing the syllabus requirement; but it aims to inculcate in students a genuine interest for maps.

Maps are an integral part of our day-to-day life today and their use is going to increase many folds in future. Today, when our cities, government and society is becoming smarter, our students need to be updated and smart enough to use the latest technology and facilities, that is freely and easily available for all.

Although, many books and workbooks were already there in the market, but this book is unique in many ways. The book tries to emphasise on the journey of maps. Rationale behind this approach is the benefit of studying maps in continuity of history and looking forward towards the future. This book will be beneficial not only for class 10 board students but for class 9 students as well. If students are aware of their curriculum of board examinations, they are better prepared for the same and their interest for related news and information increases with time. 

Key features:

  • Complete coverage of class 9 and 10 syllabuses
  • Focus on concept development and increasing awareness about recent map uses
  • Complete coverage of both the topographical sheets (45D/7 and 45D/10), prescribed by the ICSE board in the syllabus
  • Total eighteen toposheets with more than 300 questions for practice
  • Other than topographical maps, all other map-based questions have been addressed
  • Total eighteen year's board papers have been included in the book (nine solved and nine unsolved)
  • Information about recent developments in Survey of India maps and their OSM (Open Series Maps)
  • With ample number of India maps, world maps, related diagrams, graphs, charts and their concepts, this book will surely help the students in securing full marks in the subject, where map-based questions constitute major portion of the paper. 
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Pages 120
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Binding Paperback

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