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Producing incisive and clear written work within a word limit is an important and challenging skill which needs to be learnt as much as practised. This collection of wide ranging essay books is meant to develop students’ creative writing skills. The works in the books aim towards encouraging purposeful and reflective analysis of important issues, events and subjects to reach comprehensive conclusions. Presented in structured and organised form, the essays and letters in these books are essential tools to improve students’ writing and communicative skills with the use of correct grammar and spelling.

Key features:

  • Literary compositions on absorbing issues
  • Essay topics are wide-ranging and contemporary
  • Includes letter writing, email writing, paragraph writing, précis writing and creative writing
  • Helps students present their thoughts in an organised way
  • Use of simple language makes it easier for students to grasp the ideas
  • A perfect handy reference for those who are learning to write creatively

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Pages 248
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