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Learning Link series has been designed keeping in mind the developmental requirements of early childhood stage. It adopts a well-structured and comprehensive approach to facilitate learning and promote children's natural capacity to learn. It focusses on building concepts and strengthening skills through developmentally appropriate reading and writing activities. The books in this series stimulate children's curiosity and imagination and ensure their smooth transition from preschool to primary school.

Learning Link Pictures to Talk about C takes a theme-based approach to teach children new words. The richly illustrated pictures lend credibility to the themes and make learning words more interesting. Each theme depicts an everyday situation along with separate images accompanied by words, making it easy to understand the situation. The question-answer activity further makes learning words a dynamic process. Some of the answers to the questions are provided, for others children are encouraged to observe the images closely.

Key features of the book:

  • Development of observational and visual perceptual skills 
  • Identification of people, places and objects around us
  • Comprehending pictures and answering questions
  • Development of cognitive and early language skills
  • Development of word-picture association skills
  • Vocabulary building and discussion
  • Learning simplified through beautiful illustrations

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