My Alphabet Tree Book 0B

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‘My Alphabet Tree 0A and 0B’ have been planned and conceptualised for children to introduce them to letters of the English alphabet. Children will learn to read and write them and associate them with pictures. Interesting preschool activities in the books help children grasp the concepts easily.

Key features:

  • Use of the method of word-picture association to make it easier for children to identify objects
  • Introduction to lines and strokes to develop pre-writing skills
  • Introduction to formation of letters through use of directional arrows
  • Use of interesting activities to introduce concepts
  • Development of cognitive skills, fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Revision exercises at regular intervals to reinforce concepts learnt
  • Enrichment of vocabulary
  • Lively and contemporary layout to hold children’s attention
Book Details
Pages 96
Extent 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
Binding Paperback

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