Team BPI being leading publishers understands what a manuscript means to its writers. Converting these manuscripts into edited and beautifully designed books is something BPI has been doing over the years now. BPI encourages young enthusiastic budding writers to turn their dream into reality by helping them publish their books.

Publishing Advantages with BPI  

Creative design support: See your manuscript turn into a beautiful book with our customized cover design and other design requirements such as layout, illustrations.

Focused attention: BPI gives detailed focus and attention to each of its projects. Our skilled team members give in depth thought and then work on all projects.

Tailored service support: BPI provides tailored marketing support if needed by optimizing its existing distribution network spread pan India.

Expert Inputs: Apart from the basic spell specks, BPI also provides in depth editorial and design support. One could choose from customized packages available

Have a dream book project? Contact us & we will help you make you realize your dreams come true!